GOnDO pH/mV/Temp Tester Model MP-103


Product Code: GnD-pH-MP103a

Manufacturer: GOnDO

Datasheet: pH/ORP Service Support Kit

GOnDO pH/mV/Temp Tester Model MP-103 

GOnDO Electronic Co Ltd, is a manufacturer and exporter of professional measuring instruments in Taiwan.

The company was established in 1983 and located at Taipei Nan Kang Industrial Park.

GOnDO products are focus on testing instruments such as pH, ORP and Temperature.



  • pH and Temperature simultaneous display

  • Simple calibration

  • 10 min Auto shut off

  • Accessories: pH electrode, Temp. probe, Buffer solutions 4 & 7, 9V battery, Manual and Calibration wire (Optional: ORP probe)



For manual pH management and service support checking conditions of probes