Compact is the leading manufacturer in Europe of Digital Portable Tachometers & associated devices, they have specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality speed measurement products for 25 years.

Compact Instruments warrants their products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of shipment. This warranty does not apply to any product which has been subject to misuse, negligence, or accidental damage, or if the unit has any unauthorised modification. This applies to new products only.

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All models feature: Robust aluminium case, Splash proof, High accuracy, Backlight display, Auto switch off, Calibration certificates are available as an optional extra, Instrument dimensions 137 x 69 x 27mm
Compact Lightweight Thermometers

PC Temp K2
PC Temp T1
PC Temp PT1
PC Temp PT2
PC Temp RT1

Models feature: Attractively styled, strong, lightweight moulded plastic case; Hygienically smooth, splashproof surfaces; Backlit display; High accuracy - ambient operating temperature 0 to 50°C; Auto switch off and Low battery indicator; 9v MN1604 (PP3 battery); Compact Size: 123 x 64 x 22 mm; 2 year warranty; Battery life > 350 hours.
IR Series Portable Infrared Thermometers

The IR Series are robust thermometers for fast temperature measurement of most surfaces.

Model IR151

Has a fixed emissivity and provides simple, fast readings via a lens in the top end cap.

Model IR152

As Model IR151, but with a hand held sensor/lens to access difficult objects.


Available Products:


The PR series of instruments have been designed in response to market requirements for robust, high quality products with a good specification. There are five different models and one absolute model covering different ranges from which the customer may choose.

Pro-Com Series Manometers

A range of professional, compact, lightweight, portable manometers to measure differential, gauge, vacuum and absolute pressure.

PC Mano P1
PC Mano P2
PC Mano P3
PC Mano P4
PC Mano P5
PC Mano P6


Available Products:

A simple to use, cost effective system for on site/laboratory calibration of both contact and non-contact (infrared) thermometers, to adhere to quality standards such as ISO9000 and HACCP.

CS171 (Calibration thermometer)
CS172 (Calibration thermometer)
RT161 (Reference thermometer)


Available Products:

These multimeter probes can be used with any standard analogue or digital multimeter with 200mV/2V DC ranges. These models permit the multimeter to display temperature/pressure directly in °C or mBar ( 0.1 resolution), i.e. when the multimeter displays 50.0mV, this represents either 50.0°C or 50.0 mBar.

MMTHK (Multimeter Probe)
MMPT1000 (Multimeter Probe)

The MM PR series are suitable for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic liquids and gases.
MMPR200 (0 to 20mBar)
MMPR201 (0 to 100mBar)
MMPR202 (0 to 500mBar)
MMPR203 (0 to 1000mBar)
MMPR204 (0 to 1000mBar)
MMPR204A (0 to 2000mBar Absolute)

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