With over 60 years of experience, GEORGIN has acquired knowledge and expertise that are constantly delivered through its supply of measurement and pressure control instruments. GEORGIN guarantee quality, reliability and performance products.

GEORGIN products have received the following certificates: ATEX, ISO 9001 V2000, TRACTEBEL, GOST-R, CCC.

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GEORGIN Pressure Products Classification: 


 Pressure gauge - M5000
 Capsule pressure gauge - M5100
 Diaphragm pressure gauge - M5200
 Pressure gauge - M5010
 "TURRET" type pressure gauge - M5050


Signals Interface between Safe and Hazardous Environments

Electrical Switches

F Series - Compact industrial model
P Series - Industrial model
U Series - Low cost model
G Series - Small size model

Pneumatical Cells Switches

F Series - Compact industrial pneumatic model
Special Applications Switches

NAVY Applications:
PM Series - Navy purpose (any boats)
FM Series - Navy purpose (any boats)
MN / NG Series - Navy purpose (any boats)

ENERGY Applications:
PE series
FE series

RAILWAY Applications:
J Series - Low cost model (railway)
G Series (any train)


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