Mac3 MAC3 PVC Cable Gold Contacts


Product Code: NPMxx06UB0

Manufacturer: MAC3

Datasheet: MAC3

Gold contacts are required in applications using low dc voltage with low current (less than 0.5A). This is typically when connecting the switch to a control system such as PLC, DCS, BMS or SCADA system that is reading the status of the switch using low dc voltage typically 12 or 24 Vdc. Also in Hazardous environments (EX ia) when connecting the switch through a IS Barrier, gold contacts should be used.

The MAC3 float configuration from MAC3 is the most robust version. A round shape with smooth profile and extra strong construction which is best for sewage, waste and other fouling applications. The PVC cable is suitable for general water applications. The PVC cable is not for use with chemicals or in application with fats, oils and/or grease. Use the version with Neoprene cable if oils, fats and/or grease is present.

Stocked in a 3 wire configuration (change over contact), suitable for filling and emptying applications. The version with PVC cable and gold contacts is only stocked with a 10m cable length. For other lengths consider the version with Neoprene cable. Other lengths can be available in quantity under special order.

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The minimum working distance between the MAC3 level regulator and the fixing point is 20 cm. The optional counterweight can be purchased to eliminate the need for fixing the cable inside the tank or pit.

Application Areas:

Industrial processes using control systems and Hazardous (EX) environments for water and waste water level measurement and control.

Technical Specifications:

1A, 50 Vdc.

see data sheet via the above link for more information