Insertion Paddle Flow switch


Product Code: SF-1K

Manufacturer: Industrietechnik

Datasheet: SF1K

Stocked in Brass and SS versions with 1” BSP connection. Supplied with a range of paddle sizes suitable for pipe sizes from 1” up to 8” (25mm to 200mm). Both the standard and sensitive versions are stocked. The switch point is adjustable within the limits provided in the data sheet via the above link.

Also available with 1” NPT connection.

A version for Air and other gases is available. Request a sizing calculation and quotation for gas applications.

Delivery time for non-stocked configurations is typically 2-4 weeks.

To order a configuration not included in the above list or request a quotation, send your request to:

or Contact us for more information on 0432 114 574 or 02 9319 1808

Series SF1K, SF2           

Inserted paddle is spring loaded and senses flow rate by pressure on the paddle causing movement against the spring. The switch point is adjustable based on the tension of the spring. Installation can be in any direction

Light weight, simple installation and low cost.

Application Areas:

Industrial process control in water treatment, refrigeration, cooling and heating circuits, fire systems, building services and irrigation systems.

Technical Specifications:

Pressure Limits: Brass Version = 11 Bar, SS Version = 30 Bar

Temperature Limits: Liquid = -40'C to 120’C, Ambient = -40’C to 85'C.

see data sheet via the above link for more information.